The Review Panel

The Mother

I am Kelly Black, a wife and the mother of a teenage son who doesn’t want to be associated with romance movies, and two daughters who are fellow movie review panel members.  In the real world, I am an English professor at a community college – a job I love.  I also love all things romance – books and movies alike.  When I am not watching or reading romance, I like to read other things, write, knit, walk the dogs, cook, exercise and spend time with friends and family.

Some favorite romance movies: Twelve Dates of Christmas, Love Actually, The Mistletones, and Casablanca.

The Teen

Fiona Black is my newly minted teenage daughter, having just turned 13 in May.  She is a romance movie fangirl.  When she is not watching romances, she enjoys hanging with her friends, horseback riding, competitive swim and track.

Her favorite romance: The Mistletones, and Me Before You.

The Tween

Emma Black is 11, and my tweenager.  She is also a romance movie fan (obvi).  She loves cheer, tumbling, basketball, competitive swim – basically anything sporty.  Emma is not short on opinions, and I should warn you, is likely to be the toughest critic.


One thought on “The Review Panel

  1. Hi Kelly! This is aliza Baron, a friend from the mid-late 90’s in Chicago! Do you remember me and steve? You knew our son, noah, who was a toddler then. I’m so glad to learn that you have 3 kids who are so talented! I would love to reconnect. I hope you would like to, too. 312-771-4452.


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