A Tween, a Teen and a Mom Review Romance Movies


Welcome to our Blog! I decided to start a romance movie review blog with my daughters Fiona (13) and Emma (11).  When we watch romance movies we review them like those characters on Mystery Science Theater, so we thought what not share our observations?

The Hallmark Channel holiday romance movies were our gateway drug. Watching romance movies has become as much a part of our Thanksgiving tradition as turkey and the Macy’s Day Parade.  We have now expanded our love of the genre to year around, and Netflix and On-Demand have aided that with a bounty of romance movies added to its line-up.

Our rating system will be based on the following factors:

5 hearts = the best!!!   1= the worst!!!

  1. The “it” factor – i.e. whether or not we liked it overall and why.
  2. “Him is so handsome” – When Fiona (the teen) was three, she would always say “Him is so handsome” whenever she saw Zac Efron in a High School Musical poster, Barack Obama, and a certain neighborhood dad who is blonde haired and blue eyed.  Needless to say, she has a wide range of taste.
  3. Overarching tropes or as the girls like to say “all the clichés in the movie.”
  4. The Ewwww factor – is this a movie I am comfortable watching with the girls or they are comfortable watching with me?  To sexy?  Dialogue to risqué?
  5. The Bechdel-Wallace Test –  The Bechdel-Wallace Test is a quick and dirty test to determine the amount of female character interaction within a story.  There are some variations of the rule, but here is the version we will be using:

The movie must have two female characters that talk to each other about something besides a man. 

Now, you might be saying to yourself – does she know she is writing about romance?  Has she seen these movies? Has she been drinking?  I do realize that applying the Bechdel-Wallace framework to a genre in which the focus is finding love necessitates a lot of conversation between women about a man. My daughters think it might be impossible to find one that passes.  Still, we thought it might be a fun challenge to find some that do.

We hope you enjoy our reviews and find them helpful!